1. Cruel

From the recording Whiskey Kisses

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Written by Colin Loynachan
Produced, recorded and mixed by Colin Loynachan
Mastered by Eric Martin

Colin Loynachan - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Tubular Bells, Tambourine
Ross Vanderwerf - Bass Guitar
Warren Fenzi - Drums


I doubt you would notice but I’m trying not to choke
As you treat me like a goddamn joke
You’ve been breakin’ it off
I’ve been picking all the broken pieces up
It coulda been our love
But you don’t want love; you don’t want my love

Is it really the place you’re in?
Or is it the ugly face I’ve been given?
Don’t you lie to me
‘Cuz even when you’re nice to me

You are so cruel

I just want you to notice who I really am
I’m just as helpless as I seem but I ain’t no scam
I’m just so tired of walking
My shoes need new soles
I just wanna sleep forever
Next to your California bones

No, but something won’t let me
Something’s in the way
They all tell me to be patient
“Just wait another day,” while you’re drifting away

You are so cruel
Even when you’re not trying to