READ: Whiskey Kisses Gets Reviewed By Ear Coffee

"While Loynachan's writing is unquestionably the core of Fringe Pipes, he has once again surrounded himself with a murderer's row of local collaborators. Singer and violinist Jillian Rae adds gorgeous backing vocals to two-thirds of the tracks and members of 26 Bats! and Lucid VanGuard play across several songs. 

The music on Whiskey Kisses sounds wizened, even as the songs burst with life. Loynachan writes with a timeless pen without sinking into caricature. Classic country song topics - love, drinking, loneliness - are synthesized in a way that is fresh yet familiar. If you didn't know any better, you might think you're listening to a long-lost Nashville-recorded Americana album." - Ear Coffee

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