Announcing: Whiskey Kisses

We are incredibly excited to announce our new EP, "Whiskey Kisses," will be released on Friday May 8th on all platforms and streaming services.

About the record:

In the summer of 2016, Fringe Pipes went on hiatus.  The reason for this was simple: college was over and life was starting.  There were bills to pay and seemingly more important things to worry about.  Some of my closest collaborators moved out west and it seemed as if the rock’n’roll days were over.  The console was sold and the basement studio of Northfield was traded out for a two bedroom apartment in the Marcy Holmes neighborhood of Minneapolis. 

So many things have happened between then and now.  Countless new artist friends and collaborators, the birth of a professional audio business, the painful demise of a romantic relationship, four apartments, three cars, a global pandemic; the list is too long to fit here.  Despite all of this, I somehow managed to write a few songs along the way.  The songs on this record are the ones that stuck around.  My hope is that they capture the transition we all experience into what is best known as “real life.”  When the idealization and irrational optimism of youth finally fade away, we get to know what we are really made of.  This record may not be filled with the gleeful guitar motifs and boundless energy of Karma Bricks, but I hope you will listen with an open to mind to the fact that our music changes with us, and enjoy it nonetheless.

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