Fringe Pipes Triumphant Return 

Back from our 3 year tour of every territory and province of Canada, we return triumphantly to our great motherland of Minneapolis to open for the great Christian Wheeler.  Our performance will feature special guests King Calderon and Wayne Train from Air Is Air.  New lineup, new songs, and we're all slightly less good-looking now (except for Christian, who is better looking). 

December 18, Icehouse MPLS 9:30pm

Let's kick it.

Tickets: https://bit.ly/2Az9IBH



released November 6, 2015

Download for free until Dec. 1 here

Written, performed, produced, recorded, and mixed by Colin Loynachan. Artwork by Eileen McNulty. Piano and Organ on tracks 1, 2, 8 by Adrian Calderon. Drums on track 2 by John Kronlokken. Acoustic and electric rhythm guitar on track 3 by Aleksander Seeman. Special thanks to Christian Wheeler and Jay Carlson who assisted in the inspiration and creative concept behind the music, and who comprise the band's vital rhythm section for live…

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New Album to be Released November 6th 

We will be release our first full-length record, Karma Bricks, November 6th.  A single has been released today.  It is called A Little Before Nine.  Special thanks to Eileen McNulty for the artwork, and to Aleks Seeman and John Kronlokken who make noise on the record along with Adrian and Colin.  Karma Bricks arose out of a summer of systematic boredom for Colin and Adrian, as the rest of the band was out of town for the summer.  It started as a basement experiment- just a few demos for a new record.  As…Read more



We have released a new single called Prison Cells with an accompanying video.  The video is 100% live footage of the actual recording session for the single.  It was filmed in the retired public radio studio on St. Olaf College's Campus in Northfield, Minnesota.  The single and accompanying video were produced in association with DNNR PRTY.

Download the free single and watch the video here.


Produced and Engineered by John Kronlokken 
Mixed by Colin Loynachan

Video Directed and Edited by Aleksander…Read more


We have been working very hard in a little room with little light for many months.  We have struggled against power surges, tape hiss, electrical storms, and bouts of some unknown and mysterious illness.  Despite all of this:  we made something good.

We hope you all take the thirty minutes to give our debut release a good, thorough listen, and we hope you turn it up loud.

Remember, music isn't dead--disco hasn't won.


Christian Wheeler, Adrian Calderon, Jay Carlson, Elliott Tadanier, and Colin…

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